Sourcing Profits Coming Soon

sourcingprofitsThe creators, Gauher Chaudhry and Paul Sinclair are back once again with what looks to be another huge course launch. The course they are launching is called Sourcing Profits and will launch 16th of June.

What is Sourcing Profits about?

Sourcing Profits offers a proven system that professionally prepares and trains Amazon and ecommerce sellers on how to approach sourcing products for the world-wide marketplace.

Gauher Chaudhry, and international sourcing guru, Paul Sinclair, have teamed up to present this one-of-a-kind mega-training course on how to properly source products with fulfillment from China and around the world.

To see this as just another training system on sourcing products would be an understatement… In fact… this is the Go-To Training Course On Sourcing!

No stones are left unturned. The Sourcing Profits training program will compliment and complete any ecommerce or Amazon training systems your list members currently own. Each module builds upon the foundation leading up to the most advanced level of sourcing achievable.

From finding factories, agents to packaging and shipping… down to getting products into customer’s hand. Sourcing Profits has it all. Every type of ecommerce or Amazon business owner should have this course.

They then put it all together in this course to hopefully teach you how some of the most powerful people in the world got to where they were. That is pretty much what is known about the course so far but I will update this website once we get more information and they start releasing pre-launch videos.

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